2017 Trustee Election Update and Capital Project Notification

Category: Press Release


Congratulations to incumbents Gerda Fandrich and Paul Leppky who have been re-elected to serve 3 year terms on the District’s Board of Trustees!



Operations Facility to be constructed at the reservoir site in 2017:


The facility will be large enough to house all of CWD’s equipment in one place while providing space for emergency response stock, a water quality testing lab, office space, training room and staff area. The new facility will allow for consolidation of all of the equipment and supplies necessary for efficient field operations to be stored at one site.





Administration Office to be constructed at the Janzen Street property (current works yard) in 2018:


A new office is proposed for the Janzen Street location and the Clearbrook Road office space will be vacated. The Janzen Street property houses CWD’s original well, which is still valuable as an emergency source. When considering consolidation and building renewal, the Janzen Yard was identified as integral because of the well. The property may not be large enough to house the new operations facility but is a perfect location for the proposed office.

New Reservoir Proposed for 2020:


Reservoir B will be nearly 50 years old this year and is nearing the end of its useful life. With the District earmarked as a high density corridor in the new Official Community Plan, it is proposed that reservoir B will be demolished and replaced with a larger reservoir.

All three of these planned projects are envisioned as “generational” and could be constructed to support operations for the next 50-60 years.

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