Key Projects

As the system ages, it is necessary to renew and replace capital assets to ensure uninterrupted service to our rate payers. Clearbrook Waterworks invests funds received through renewal fees and development charges back into the system. System renewal is ongoing and there is always a new project on the horizon.


Replacement Well Projects

The Replacement Well Program was started in 2011, with RW 3-93/11. Following the first replacement well, three more wells were drilled; RW 7-00/13 (in 2013), RW 1-87/14 (in 2014) and RW 2-63/17 (in 2017). These four wells are our main production wells and replaced the previous production wells which were drilled in 1963, 1987, 1993 and 2000. The new wells have all been drilled to an approximate depth of 40 meters and feature 400 mm casings. Adhering to a carefully planned monitoring and maintenance program designed by Dr. Kalwij, we expect these new wells to have long and useful lives.

Reservoir Site Upgrade Project (2013/2014)

This renewal project saw over 400 meters of water main replaced and an aging reservoir taken offline and demolished. A new pump station was constructed, which houses a fire pump for increased fire protection and a new master control center, which regulates pressures and flows throughout the upper and lower systems. With this project complete, we have enhanced reservoir and system security and improved hydraulics between our reservoirs and our wells.

Water Main Replacement Projects

Each year, a large focus is placed on water main replacement. In 2015, almost one kilometer of pipe was installed on Uplands Crescent, Old Yale Road, Parkview Street and Auburn Street.

In the summer of 2016, CWD’s own field crew replaced almost 500 meters of water mains on Carlsrue Avenue, Casper Court and Castle Court. These three mains, which were previously dead-ended, were tied together in Charlotte Park, improving water quality and flow for all in the neighbourhood.

                                                                                    This summer, watch for CWD's field crew to be replacing pipe along Stanley                                                                                        Street.