Rates & Billing

All service connections in the District are metered and the invoices reflect an amount directly related to consumption, which is applied to the District’s operating costs. The invoices also identify fixed rates, which are System Renewal Fees and Unit Fees. These fees are directed towards capital projects such as asset renewal and upgrading.

Water Rates

Clearbrook Waterworks’ water rates are calculated according to the District’s budgets. With no access to a municipal tax base or government funding through capital grants, the District’s operations and asset replacement schedule is funded entirely through water rates. This is called full cost recovery. Rates are usually adjusted annually, factoring in the previous year’s revenue, the annual operating expense budget and the five year capital plan, all of which are prepared and/or adjusted annually by staff and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Please see the Water Rates and Tolls Bylaw No. 145 for rates.

How does billing work?

Accounts are billed on a quarterly basis; March, June, September, and December of each year. The registered owner of the property is responsible for all charges owing on the invoice. In addition to regular mail, the District has an eBilling program. You can sign up here.